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WCMA was founded by Rev Daniel A Briggs, PhD in 1993 in the State of Maine and later divested to World Christian Ministries Association, Inc. in 2006, which was also founded by Rev. D. A. Briggs in the State of Florida.

WCMA was founded to help evangelize the world, to enhance apostolic teachings, to train and educate both aspiring ministers (clergy), existing clerics and laypersons who desire to expand their theological understandings and to improve their personal and ecclesiastical development. Due to the splintering among Apostolic Pentecostal ministers WCMA also aspires to facilitate, at the very least, an "arms length" unity among a great culturally, ethnically and theologically diverse ecclesiastical  body of believers spread across the globe. Thus far, WCMA has reached into 190 nations around the world, has influenced over 38,000 clergy around the world, who represent over 5.2 million constituents and has distributed over 100,000 religious training books (Disciples of Christ Volumes, et al). Join us in our efforts.

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Brief Bio and Family History of Rev. Daniel A Briggs, PhD, founder of WCMA.

Rev. Daniel A. Briggs is the son of Rev. Arthur Briggs, (who was the son of Rev. George Briggs). Rev. Daniel A Briggs is a third generation apostolic preacher/minister. He has been a pioneer, much like his father and grandfather were before him. He was ordained at age 22 by the United Pentecostal Church International in the State of Maine, the youngest ever to be ordained in that state. He founded the First Apostolic Church of Biddeford, World Christian Ministries Association, Cornerstone, Inc., Bangor Counseling Center, Aletheia Logos University, Cornerstone Theological University, Apostolic School of the Prophets, Olive Press Books, Alfred Adler Institute, Briggs Global Enterprises, Briggs Farms and ApostolicPentecostalChurches Global Church Directory (APC). This APC directory was developed as an integral part of WCMA's vision to develop a unity and connectedness between this splintered group of Apostolic Pentecostal churches.

Rev. George Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' grandfather, was instrumental in bringing to and establishing the Apostolic Pentecostal movement in the State of Maine. His life was often threatened by catholic clergymen and before his death he often had to have police protection during the time Rev, Nila Mean and "Charlotte" came to Old Town, Maine to tell "Charlotte's" life story concerning her eventual escape from the catholic nunnery in Mexico and the evils that occurred there. This exposure eventually led to an FBI investigation and the closure of said nunnery.

Rev. Arthur D Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' father, was also a pioneer in the State of Maine, in the State of Maryland and in the State of Florida. He established several floundering congregations in various communities in Maine, e.g., Carmel, Charleston, Winterport, and Houlton. In Maryland, he helped establish the church in Smyrna. In Florida he founded the Calvary Apostolic Church in Oxford (Wildwood). He also mentored several other ministers including three of his sons and two daughters, Rev. Bruce Briggs, Missionary Diane Briggs, Missionary Rev. Randy Briggs, Missionary Rev. Daniel Briggs and Missionary Gaylene Briggs.

Rev. Bruce A Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' oldest brother,

Missionary Diane M Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' oldest sister,

Rev. Randy L Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' second oldest brother,

Missionary Gaylene Briggs, who was Rev. Daniel Briggs' youngest sister,
Rev. Harold Briggs, (an uncle to Rev. Daniel Briggs), was a tank driver in WWII under General "Blood and Guts" George S. Patton. He was one
of the only  few surviving tank drivers who first cut across the Ludendorf Bridge over the Rhine River. He knew it was a "suicide mission" but prayed to God
that if God protected him, he would become a minister like his father (Rev. George Briggs). He did survive and he did become an apostolic minister. He too
pioneered an apostolic church in Maine. At his funeral, there was standing room only and overflowed to outside the building. The funeral procession was more
than a mile long; nearly every brand of Pentecostal minister was there. He was well liked and respected by all that knew him.   

World Christian Ministries Association (WCMA), United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (ALJC), Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC), et. al, can all benefit from this specialized professional psychological training institute.  Graduating students receive one of three certifications and can transfer their courses to Apostolic School of the Prophets.

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Apostolic School of the Prophets
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Oxford, FL 34484

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