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Transmutation Psychology Institute
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Since 1994

Available Program of Study

Certified Pastoral Counselor (CPC)
Certified Pastoral Psychologist (CPPsy)
Certified Psychoanalyst (CPsyA)

The Transmutation Psychology Institute Catalog

A major component of Transmutation Psychology (the UTA) was first documented in the published work entitled "A Historical Comparative Analysis of Freudian, Adlerian and Theocentric Psychologies" in 1994 (Dissertation, Walden University).  TPI provides an opportunity for Apostolic Pentecostal Pastors, Leaders, Professionals and Students to study both Briggs' Transmutation Psychology as well as other main stream secular psychological and psychoanalytic theories. 

World Christian Ministries Association (WCMA), United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (ALJC), Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC), et. al, can all benefit from this specialized professional psychological training institute.  Graduating students receive one of three certifications and can transfer their courses to Apostolic School of the Prophets.

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Apostolic School of the Prophets
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