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ACCE/ASP Free Online Course Directory

You can audit any of the ACCE/ASP courses below for free at any time. However, to acquire college hours on a transcript or gain CEUs you must be 1) a verified free WCMA member 2) be a verified ALU student, 3) acquire a Course Approval No. for the course, 4) submit chapter I-E Responses to your faculty advisor and 5) complete a Course Completion Audit Form.

If you are desiring to earn a certificate and prefer to take FREE online courses to satisfy some of your Gen Ed courses and electives (beyond your Core Courses) rather than conduct independent research studies (KADs), just click on the links below and they will take you to FREE online courses. Take the course(s) and transfer your work to ASP to credit bank your hours. When you have accumulated enough hours combined with your core courses, you will be eligible to graduate with a bona fide ASP certificate. Or if you only require CEUs you can request for a CEU Certificate to be sent for each individual course completed. Click here for Student Forms page.

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   UMass Boston

   Utah State

   University of Notre Dame

   Tufts University

   OCW Consortium

   China Studies

   EU Studies

   India Studies

   USA Studies

   Open Courseware

   Foothill De-Anza - Sofia Education

   Open Learning Initiative

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