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Bangor Counseling Center

Daniel A Briggs, PhD founded Bangor Counseling Center (BCC) in the year 2000 in his home at  532 Union Street, Bangor, Maine as a private practice.  In the year of 2001 he placed BCC under New Life Mission as a d/b/a but did not incorporate BCC until 2006. The public record reflects this, but a deeper research is required rather than a cursory glance. This is because Attorney Brown purposely convoluted the public record (changed it unethically) due to the "falling out" between the Olivers', the Lyons' and Dr. Briggs in 2006. Although the 2005/2006 hostile board takeover and separation was against IRS regulations, Dr. Briggs settled the matter out of court rather than "take down" one of his great life's work. The details of how the "fallout" started was over a misunderstanding on the Board's part who refused to listen to facts that would have set the record straight. Detailed State (et al) documents are available upon request. BCC was a member of WCMA until 2006. After BCC outgrew its 532 Union Street facility, Dr. Briggs relocated BCC to the historic downtown at 202 Exchange Street in Bangor, Maine.

New Life Mission was founded by Diane Murray (Briggs) in 1990. Daniel A Briggs, PhD was on NLM's first board and became its second president, CEO and Chairman of the Board. He remained the chairman of the board until he became NLM's first compensated President and CEO in 2001.


Daniel A Briggs, PhD also founded:

Aletheia Logos University
Apostolic School of the Prophets
First Apostolic Church of Biddeford
Apostolic Pentecostal Church Directory
World Christian Ministries Association

Dr. Briggs' Dissertation

World Christian Ministries Association (WCMA), United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (ALJC), Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC), et. al, can all benefit from this specialized professional psychological training institute.  Graduating students receive one of three certifications and can transfer their courses to Apostolic School of the Prophets.

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